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Script Trigger on Tab Panels

Question asked by mikeo'neil on May 27, 2012
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Hi Folks,


Windows 7/XP, FMA 12, FMS12

I have a tab panel with 7 tab panels. On three of the Tab Panels, I have Chart Previews and each Panel is sorted on a different value. The problem I am having is getting each panel to sort on the appropriate Sort Script.


I have set the script trigger to activate on “ontabswitch”, that calls the sort decision script.


Script: (Panels are named, “Alert”, “Discharge”, & “Misc” that need to sort on a different value.


Allow User Abort (off)

Set Error Capture (on)

If[Get(TriggerCurrentTabPanel) =”Alert”]

Perform Script [Sort_Shift]

Else If [Get(TriggerCurrentTabPanel) =”Discharge”]

Perform Script [Disc_Disposition]

Else If [Get(TriggerCurrentTabPanel) =”Misc”]

Perform Script [“Sort_Hospital”]

End If


This is not sorting on the desired value. What simple step am I missing?