OnExit Trigger Limbo

Discussion created by StephenWonfor on May 26, 2012
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An FMP12 db running on server 12 and accessed by four Lion Macs. I have a very simple OnExit trigger on a field that checks to see if a payment amount = invoice total so a cheque request can be generated.


If( paidamount = invoice total)

SetVariable( $id_invoice; Invoices::id_invoice)

Go to la yout Cheque request etc.



Fairly consistently it was noted that sometimes the cursor remained trapped in the field, the debugger said no script was running, the database window could not be closed. The only solution was a ForceQuit of FMP12.


I was able to stop this behaviour by adding a Commit Records as the first step in the script. Rather odd though that this was a "fix" in that no script was apparently running. Although maybe it was running and the debugger was immue to it.




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