Calculating total absences week by week

Discussion created by jbrown Expert on May 27, 2012
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Hey all,

In my school system I have a table for attendance. The teachers create records in this table. I need to show the number of absences each week of a trimester.

Right now the only thing I can think of doing is having one calc field for each week of the trimester that returns a 1 if the attendance record was created during that week of the trimester. SO I'd have 12 calc fields, one for each week. In the school table, there's a corresponding field that sums the total count for each week, again 12 fields.


Is there a better way to get the total number of absences each week of a trimester?


RIght now this resets each trimester change. So I only have attendance for the current trimester. If i wanted to keep track of the whole year, would I need 36 fields: one for each week of the year?


Help me.If you have any advice i'd love to know.