ExecuteSQL: How to make it case-insentitive?

Discussion created by datastride on May 27, 2012
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The new ExecuteSQL function is an amazing tool, but I've run into one issue for which I could use some guidance.


Take the following SELECT statement as an example:


SELECT First_Name, Last_Name

FROM Contacts

WHERE First_Name LIKE 'morg%'


I was expecting that this would find my Contact record, as my first name is "Morgan". (note capitalization)


But only by changing the SELECT statement as follows does this work:


SELECT First_Name, Last_Name

FROM Contacts

WHERE UPPER( First_Name ) LIKE UPPER( 'morg%' )


I'm writing a script to process keystrokes and display matching Contact names, so I want to use the most efficient form of the SELECT statement possible. In my real script, the "morg" is actually a variable based on characters typed by the user. And I want the users to be able to type a name (or part of a name) without being concerned with capitalization. Using the UPPER function produces the deired results, but is it the best-performing solution?


FileMaker's native FIND is case insensitive unless I specify "Unicode" as the language to use for indexing. I'm wondering if I can somehow force FileMaker to use the same native, case-insensitive logic for a SELECT as for the native FIND (so I get the best performance). I don't know if using the UPPER() function adds extra overhead or if it is evaluated by FileMaker in such a way as to enable use of the native (and very efficient) case-insensitive FIND logic.


Thanks in advance for any light you might be able to shed on this issue ...