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Scrolling problem with FM12 - worked OK with 11

Question asked by PowerSlave on May 27, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2013 by jerrysalem

Hey guys (& Gals) ,


Got a weird problem with FM12 when switching layouts between list & record view then back.


Our users look at a list , then select the record they want to view in more detail ( script is run that only switches to a layout in form view.)


If that record was # 400 out of 3500 for example , the normal FM behaviour is to bring that record to the bottom most visible row when returning to the list view.


That's OK , I've lived with that for years using a script that would bring it to the top :



Go to Layout ["Company List"]

Scroll window [Page Down]

Go to Record/Request [next]

Go to Record/Request [previous]





This used to work OK for FM11, but in 12 , that record still stays as the last row ... and here's the kicker... unless I step through the script with the debugger.


"OK , maybe it needs a refresh window or even a pause after the scroll window step" , I quietly thought to myself... I just tried that does and it does not work either.


Looks like the screen draw order is a bit messed up on this one.

Has anyone else come across this problem yet ?

It's not a deal-breaker by any means , but it does have an annoyance factor for the users and would really like to clean it up.


Kind regards , Lee.