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    Printing cell borders


      I am sure I am doing somthing really stupid here I dont I must be honest print out a lot of reports from filemaker.


      I want to print out a layout but when I print it, it does not print the cell borders even though they appear on screen.

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          Are you printing from a table view, form view, or list view?


          What are the border settings on your cells?  (# of pts ).  What color is the border?  What does the inspector say about the borders in layout mode??



          What does it look like in Preview mode?



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            Thanks for the response I am printing in Form View they dont display in preview either the border colour is black.


            Inspector says solid line size 2


            What am I doint wrong?

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              Not sure yet.  It could be a printer issue.  Or something else.  What version of FileMaker are you using?  11, 12?  Some other version?  What OS?


              If you can, try printing on a different printer to see if you get the same result.  Make sure your printer drivers are all up to date.  But if it is not showing in preview mode, that is likely a FileMaker issue.


              Several things you can try to troubleshoot.  Run recover on the file ( do not use the recovered file) and check the recover log to see if there were any changes made to that layout during recovery.  Also try printing from the recovered file.  If it acts differently, you may need to recreate the layout.


              Try putting a similar box field on a different layout and print.


              If none of those work, if you can post a copy of the problem file, ( you can remove all records) or send it to me off list,  I can take a look at it.