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How to change a button colour after triggering a script (sending email)

Question asked by PaulShadbolt on May 28, 2012
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I'm sure this is basic, but it's got me stumped.


I have a layout that contains a set of steps that are taken during a return/refund process. At each step of the process an email is sent to the customer concerned. To make sure that no more than one email per step is sent, I'd like the 'send email' button to change colour (from Red - email customer, to Grey - email has been sent)


I have achieved this by adding a 'Insert Text' step at the end of my 'Send Mail' script. The word 'sent' is inserted into a text field and I then have a Conditional Formatting formula that changes the colour of the button. Like I said, 'it works' but it seems to me to be a convoluted and messy way of doing this.


Can someone suggest a more succinct solution for this problem please.