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    Images Not Found (FMS v10, Mac OS)


      I imported an images folder into container fields, while working in FM Advanced v10 on a server running FMS v10. The server is a Mac OS. I did not check import as reference only. The paths to the images are correct, however, the images read "File Not Found..." when viewed from another machine. The files are pdf. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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          Stephen Huston

          File Not Found

          ... means you  imported them only as a reference. Otherwise it wouldn't be trying to Find them, unless...


          ... the container field that is not working is not the same container field into which you imported the actual files. Do you have a calculated container field in the table by any chance? A calculation set to return a container based on a filepath?


          Mac and Windows machines read file paths differently, so importing as a reference often fails between platforms.

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            Of it will say this until the path to the files is EXACTLY the same from all computers on all platforms. (Mac/Win) you can save the path to a field and then calcuate the proper path to get it to work cross platform.

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