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Best solution for sharing DB between 2 remote locations?

Question asked by challengeday on May 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2012 by challengeday

Hi! Here's our current setup:


FM Server 8 Advanced (yes, I know, need to upgrade.. yikes!) <- was thinking about just going to FM12 but just saw some posts about speed issues, so maybe 11?

FM Clients 9 - 11


Server running in a small office in Concord, CA. Works great for local clients.


Opening new office in the Netherlands. Completely separate, no WAN.


Currently we are having users in the Netherlands logging into our network using Remote Desktop to a local machine.My experience with openning up a port for FM (7) in the past was a very slow response (unusable) so this is what I know of as the best solution. I can use Remote Desktop from my home and the response time, although somewhat lagging, is usable.


However, our office in the Netherlands is reporting that Remote Desktop is too slow and not usable.


We have a pretty big db (3 GB, hundreds of layouts and scripts, but not a lot of conditional formatting).


Any ideas?


Our interent speed here in the office in Concord is Cable at 18M down/1M up.


The server running FM Server is a Dell PowerEdge SC1430 - Intel Xeon @ 2 GHz 4GB RAM


We are non-profit with not a lot of budget.


What is the best solution? Two databases and sync them up? Throw hardware at it? Host the server offsite (don't want to degrade performance for LAN users)?


Thanks in advance!