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    Webviewer text inputs black-filled on OS X


      The problem is that the black text in the webviewer input fields has a black fill so that you can't read the text you type except if you highlight it. Even then it is barely perceptible.


      I started to think since upgrading to OS X 10.7.4 that the Webviewer input text background fills are black like the text. I must be missing the setting somewhere to fix this either in FileMaker 11 or in OS X 107.4. However I have one machine on 10.6.8 which is also doing this.


      I'm running FileMaker Server on Lion 10.7.4, but was on Snow Leopard 10.6.8.


      I'm now starting to think this happened with an Apple security update. Does anyone have a solution?


      Ron Smith, MD

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          Stephen Huston

          Is this happening in IWP, CWP, or specifically in a FMP-layout-based web viewer?


          You can edit the code used for a webviewer to embed styles for the objects if this is a data-viewer.


          However, if it's a straight URL webviewer it's probably a settings issue that is related to the browser emulator and possibly the OS updates. I've no specific ideas on that at the moment.


          Do you control the html of the site itself? If so you could tinker with the styles there to see what effect to apply instead of relying on browser defaults.

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            This has nothing to do with a settings change. These are standard webviewers for standard web pages in FileMaker Pro and not in web publishing. And we have used them for well over a year. They are not my sites of course and the only thing that I can think of is that a recent OS X update changed something in there since the webviewer is using Apple's  web engine, as far as I understand.



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              I have the same problem when I connect with some sites using the webviewer.  In particular, the search fields for the website are black and the text is barely visible.

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                I also think this is related to an Apple system update. I don't have any webviewers with text fields in them, but I have seen similar behavior since updating to 10.7.4 in an SSB (site-specific browser, generated using Fluid) that I use on my Mac. Like the FileMaker web viewer, the SSB uses Apple's WebKit browser framework, also used by Safari and Google Chrome. In my case, the background of the text fields weren't showing black but strangely, it has no background-- it shows right through to whatever is underneath it. I can move the window around and the background changes to reflect what's behind the text fields. If I visit the same website in Chrome as I use in the SSB, the text fields aren't transparent.


                I know it's not the same problem, but I think they're too similar not to be related in some way, since they both emerged after updating to 10.7.4. Might have something to do with how third-party apps work with WebKit.

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                  Ron may be in the dark with the rest of us,


                  This is an Apple problem in the Web Kit.


                  The problem manifests itself when a web

                  field does not have any style attached to it. When this happens, the default style or "user agent stylesheet" (WebKit) applies the style property "border: 2px inset". It is this combination of property and value that causes the problem. Any other number of pixels works fine (1px. 3px, 4px, etc.), but if the value is "2px inset" the problem manifests itself with a completely black input field in the Web Viewer. The problem occurs when it is explicitly stated or implicitly applied by the user agent stylesheet. Why this only occurs in the Web Viewer is the mystery.

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                    I have only recently been having this same problem myself.  For more than 3 years, I have been using the webviewer in FileMaker with no prroblems, dragging and dropping info from filemaker into the fields on the web page, but for the past month, the input fields are black and the fields do not accept drag and drop, I have to type in the info into a black field.  I am currently running Mac OS 10.6.8 and FileMaker 11 Advanced Client/ FileMaker Server 11.  This is certainly a recent problem.  It is making the web viewer essentially unusable.

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                      I have the same problem and agree that is unusable in certain situations.

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                        I'll add to the chorus as well.


                        I just discovered this behaviour after adding a couple of new web viewer windows today.


                        FMP  11.0v4

                        OS X 10.7.4

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                          I understand that upgrading is not always an option but today I upgraded to FMP12 and the webviewer is now working correctly.

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                            I can confirm that adding the style to the input field with a border value of something other than 2px fixes the problem. We started seeing this with the Web Viewer in FileMaker Pro 11.0v4 pointing at one of our own web pages and neither FileMaker, our databases nor the web page has changed recently. However, we did recently install various Apple updates including Safari 5.1.7. I confirmed during testing that the problem still exists for other web pages but, thankfully in our case, the primary page being viewed is under our control so I can change the field styling.


                            In case anyone is interested, here's how to fix it on your web page.


                            1) Add the following style inside the "<head>" tag of the web page:


                            <style type="text/css">

                               .inputField { border:3px; border-style:inset; }



                            2) Add the following class designation to the affected form fields like the following:


                            <input type="text" name="email" size="35" class="inputField" />

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                              The problem seems to be solved also for FM11 by MacOSX 10.8 Mountain Lion.