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Server configuration

Question asked by ryyno10 on May 29, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2012 by ryyno10

I am currently running a RAID 1+0 configuration (4 hard-drives with 1 hot spare) with OS/Live DB/BackUp partions. Additional hard-drives were purchased for the server which will fill three vacant drive bays (a NEW total of 8 drives).


1. Would I experience any performance (or unforseen issues ) if I configure the new (3) hard-drives as RAID 5 and use them as a backup physical partition?


2. On another note, should I move the page file to the RAID 5 or just leave it with a partition with the live files and OS? There seems to be conflicting information (on other forums, etc) in regard to using separate drives, such as a RAID 1 (with OS) and a RAID 1+0 with Live file, page file, and backup partition.


Any suggestion/comment is welcomed and appreciated!