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MoneyWorks and FileMaker Integration

Question asked by wrangler on May 29, 2012
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I'm following up an earlier thread that started with a question about passing data between FileMaker and MYOB (


In the course of that discussion I've reached the conclusion that MoneyWorks is the best accounting software to integrate with a FileMaker solution for small business. I think the reasons for that conclusion are probably apparent in the earlier discussion but I'm happy to add them here if needed.


I still have questions though, and one of them is prompted by one of Lemmtech's posts in the earlier thread where he wrote:


"There are many issues beyond just getting the data out of fm if you wish to integrate with an accounting system. I create a batch log process to establish an audit trail between both systems and other things to increase the integrity of the data transfer." He also cautions that integration of Filemaker with any accounting package should be approached with great caution, and done in sync with somebody who understands both accounting practice and the specific accounting package being used.


This is clearly good advice, and as a stranger to accountancy I'm taking it very much to heart.


But I'm wondering if the dangers are mitigated in any regard if the accounting software is MoneyWorks. As I read their product information, MoneyWorks was built specifically to enable integration with applications like FileMaker, and itself logs everything it handles with complete audit trails. If I use MoneyWorks and consult with an accountant, am I more likely to succeed in creating a robust accounting back end for my FileMaker solution? What pitfalls might I encounter on the way?


Many thanks in advance.