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different data in the same field in one record depending on how I search

Question asked by DavidCrane on May 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2012 by DavidCrane

I have a table with a unique identifier as a field. If I find a record by criteria other than the unique identifier, some fields (Calculations) have different content from when I find the record using the unique identifier. I thought there might somehow be 2 records so I got a backup copy and deleted the one with the wrong info and found that it the record was gone. So there is only one record but the info displayed in a couple of the fields is different, depending on how I find the record. The offending fields are calculations returning a number and 1 repetition. If I find the record without using the unique ID so I have only one record and then right click on the unique ID and find matching records, I still get 1 record but the information in the offending fields changes. Out of 2400 records this is only hapening to 20. Any ideas?