option + open to login with a different user ID

Discussion created by PaulWebb on May 29, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2018 by mcrip

FileMaker 12 Advanced

Mac OS 10.7.4


I created a simple file and in File>>File Options... When Opening this File I unchecked the "Log in using" option. I added a password to the Admin account and created a new user with data entry only privelage set. So far things work as expected. When opening the file I can login with either user account.


Now if I change the "When opening this file option" checking the "Log in using:" and entering the admin credentials the file automatically opens using the admin account. Still looking good.


But if I hold down the option key when opening the file it still opens directly using the admin ID and does not give me the option to login with a different set of credentials.


Am I missing something? Shouldn't the option key give me the ability to login with any ID/pwd?


EDIT: I know this is backwards by using Admin to automatically login versus a user but when I tried that I ended up locked out as the 'option' key did not work.