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Using Internet explorer 6 and 7 with Filemaker 12 server through IWP

Question asked by Boutsy on May 30, 2012
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I have a file made with filemaker advanced 11, hosted on Windows Server 2003 with Filemaker Server advanced 10.

I host this file with IWP. Some of my users use Internet Explorer 6 and 7 and everything works fine.

I've bought filemaker Server Advanced 12 and want to host the same files. In th system requirements I read that the minimum requirement for The internet explorer Browser is version 8 (XP) and 9 (Vista and 7).Since many of my users are working on computers in hospitals they are not able to update their browser in the near future.

My question : If I don't change anything at the files I hosted before on FMSA 10 that is typical for FMPA12, will my users still be able to use Internet Explorer 6 and 7 when I host these files on FMSA 12?


Thank you in advance,