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calc not updating FM11 - solved my error

Question asked by LauraZ. on May 30, 2012
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I have a letter that displays the date according to the following calc - indexing set to none and output set to text.


MonthName(Get(CurrentDate)) & " " & Year(Get(CurrentDate))


It is stuck on January 2012. I went into the calc and changed MonthName to Month, just to see, and I did get 5. So then I changed it back and got May.


This is served, but I saw that it was happening on my local copy as well. So, just to make sure, I changed my computer's month, and closed and reopened the file, etc to trigger the update but it just sat there.


What am I missing?


Thank you,


Laura Z.


Duh .. I thought I had checked that it was unstored, but it wasn't !

Sorry to waste your attention.