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    IWP not releasing record


      I have an IWP system in FM11. User fills out a form and hits a submit button. This triggers a script to set a couple of fields in the IWP database and a main database which is behind the scenes. The field values build a 1:1 relationship between the main db and the IWP db and then another script does a series of Set Field steps to copy from IWP to main database.


      We're getting an error when the "move data" script runs where the IWP user account has got the record locked and we can't grab the data. Eventually the lock clears and we can move the data via script, but it is a pain.


      I've tried a few things (commit record, refresh) to get the record lock to release but haven't been able to get it to work consistently.


      Anyone have any suggestions?


      Dave Zakary

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          Stephen Huston

          Though not ideal, IWP is a slow WAN connection, so may need a bit of time before you can use a record created via the web interface. Try adding a few seconds pause after the commit record step before trying to use the record/relationship to populate data in the other file/table.


          Sometimes timed pauses over a WAN allow the record to recache to/from the server so the required data (used for your relationship) actually exists on the server before trying to act on it.