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    FileMaker Pro and Objective C


      Can anyone point me in the right direction to begin communicating with FMP from objective C directly? Is scripting bridge the best solution or is there possibly a native Objective C library?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Greg, "direct" connection to FileMaker is through XML web publishing (with or without PHP) or ODBC/JDBC sharing. These require FMServer. FMSAdvanced, if you want to use the xDBC's.

          I've never heard of anyone making a request to directly communicate with objective C. But that doesn't mean someone has tried!

          There may be plug-ins that would also allow the communication you need.


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            At one point I started to port my .NET connector to Objective-C but don't have time to finish it any time soon.  There are a few XML libraries out there for OC in addition to the native classes.  So you can certainly do it through the FMS XML engine.