Is there a way to host files with the same name on server ?

Discussion created by KimWood on May 30, 2012
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I am new to FM server and am running on FM12 (not advanced).


I have a software solution which is made up of 10 different files.


I want 4 different groups/clients to access the file groups, but independently of eachother. ie. set up 4x sets of 10 files - eash set has the same set of file names.


I thought I could create 4 different "folders" and then each group could access those files within the folders, and not interfere witht he others (they each have their own set of access codes).


It appears that this can be done and the database will not allow more than one file of the same name, and despite there being different folders on the DB listing, these dont appear to be separatable.


The way we have done the files has worked well over the years as there has only been one user (on a LAN). We don't want to have to redo all the names of all the files at there are many lookups and scripts, nor do we want to redo everything so that all the files can be under one file - too much work and it means we can't restrict access by certain persons to certain files.


Is there a way to set up different databases on the one machine so each operates independently from eachother ? Or is there a simple solution which I have overlooked ?


I am running server 12 on a Mac. Access is local and via internet.


Any advice would be appreciated.