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Discussion created by don6397 on May 30, 2012
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I'm trying to open an Excel spreadsheet using a DDE Execute script step. I've reviewed FM Help which shows the syntac to be "Send DDE Execute [<topic text or file name>; <service name>]". However, when completing the script, a Service Name, a Topic which is a File Name or Text and a Command is required which is different than what Help defines.


My question is where do I find the Service Name? Help states that you should refer to the documentation for the application you specify for the valid service name. I've looked in Excel for the Service Name but could not idendify a Service Name. The Help example uses "iexplore" for the Service Name. Is there a list somewhere?


Topic in the Help example shows "WWW_OpenURL" for the Topic and "" for Commands. The DDE script step wants a file name for the Topic and a Command. Are there more detail instructions for for completing the script steps?


Can anyone provide the DDE Execute syntac in relation to the DDE Execute script options to open an Excel spreadsheet?