Understanding Global Storage

Discussion created by dloughlin on May 31, 2012
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I want to be sure I understand global storage correctly. I have a DB that is being served out by FMServer Advanced 12 on a windows server and is being accessed by users using CWP. Any change to a global field by that user (thru a script initiation) will only be in effect while that script is running. I believe I have that part correct and that seems be be working correctly. Any other access to the DB by that user (ie; accessing that global field value) will always use the value that the global field was set at when the database was opened locally on the host(using Filemaker Pro). What I am a little unsure about is if the DB is opened using Filemaker Pro, but as a shared DB on the host server (using, and the value for the global field is set that way, does that way change how the global field value looks to CWP users. I ask, because, I had a problem with there being a value in the global field for CWP users, and I thought I had set it locally to be blank, and yet it appears that it went back to the original value. It may be that I'm mistaken, and did not set it to blank, but just trying to make sure I fully understand global storage. I should add that I use the same account when opening the DB locally and when opening it as a shared DB.


Dennis Loughlin