New container QT streaming

Discussion created by AndyCohen on May 31, 2012

Watched the webinar and got excited,

Time to try:

1. Made a simple 3 field table with one field a container with all the settings for streaming and control on.

2. Made 2 layouts sized for iPhone and iPad.

3. Set the container storage to Open

4. Inserted the file on to my FMS12 via WAN... it was a 1 hour long .mov and it took awhile for my slow home upload to send it to my server 11 miles away.

5. This AM I look at it with FMP and FMG.


uh NO.

It barely works.

It starts... plays a second or two without audio then stops. The server's Fusion account uploads at 1mbit per sec. This is not fast enough????



This kinda reminds me of when we all first saw IWP or the first time I connected to an SQL database via ODBC.