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    New Window


      I created a button for opening a new window in order to view or search a different part of the database without closing the original page.

      The issue that I'm trying to address is to quickly recconognize what window I'm on. I can see the window number up top but it is very small.

      Does anyone have any ideas? Maybe something like a change of color.



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          Stephen Huston

          When opening a new window, one of the settings in the new window dialog allows to you name the window anything you want. Makes it easy to see if you are in that window.


          You could get into conditional formatting of layout objects based on the Window name as well, if you want more visual clues than a customized window name.

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            Thanks Stephen,

            I think some kind of color effect is what they are looking for.

            I'll have to investigate layout conditional formatting further.

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              Stephen Huston

              You could put a large transparent text object behind ALL of the other layout objects, set it to stretch to fill the screen, and enter just a text SPACE as it's content (center/middle alignment so it wont keep resizing when you work in layot mode). Name the window some special (i.e. temp window). Set conditional formating on the text object to have your desired fill color when:

              • If [ contains value "temp window' ]

              It will then turn that color only when the new window has had its name set to include that phrase.

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                Sounds interesting, I'll give that a try this weekend.

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                  Because of our workload, I talked the manager into keeping things as they are.

                  Thank you Stephen.