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How to open a remote FMDB - a walk though for a newbie.

Question asked by PaulShadbolt on May 31, 2012
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I've spent hours and hours searching the forums trying to work out how to open a Filemaker file that is hosted at work, from another remote location (i.e. home) but with little success. I've listed what I've done so far below and if someone would be kind enough to walk me though the process I would be forever grateful. I'm almost there, but I think I'm missing a couple of fundemental steps in the process.



We are a small business with 3 Apple Mac desktop computers at work. My partner and I have Apple Mac laptop MacBooks. We are using FilemakerPro Advanced 11 and would like to be able to access our FilemakerPro database from home.



I have a static IP address at work provided by our ISP (Static IP address - 119.224.xx.xx) and a email from our ISP saying that " Your Internal Host IP for port forwarding on the modem will be and your External Host IP for connecting to will be 119.224.xx.xx"


My router is a Dynalink RTA1025W with Port Forwarding set at 5003 directed to the Internal Host IP Address as suggested by


*** this part feels wrong to me??? I've made 2 new port forwarding rules with the same 'Forward to Internal Host IP Address' (119.224.xx.xx) and port number (5003) One was formatted with a TCP Protocol, the other with a UDP Protocol. Shouldn't the 'Forward to Internal Host IP Address' be the IP of the host machine and not the Static IP address??? ***


Is there a way that I can test if I can access my work network remotely (beyond the success or failure of being able to access my FMDB)?



The Filemaker File that I want to access is open and hosted on an iMac with the network settings set to… 'Use DHCP with manual address IP Address 192.168.1.XXX' (I think this is the correct setting for creating a static IP address on a host computer)


Now this is where it goes pear shaped. When I try to "Open Remote" in Filemaker I can't work out what goes where.

What view should I choose? Favourite, Local or LDAP?

What do I put into the Network File Path? It gives an example of fmnet:/hostIPAddress/fileName. Would that be in my case… 'static IP address/5003/Internal Host IP Address/fileName?


I've tried various combinations and I can't get it to work. I keep getting a 'The file path specified is not a valid file'.


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.