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Dynamically open local files from a multiuser hosted solution

Question asked by lexan on May 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2012 by lexan

Hi everybody!


I am getting older day by day and I am no more able to figure me out to do what I described in the title.

In short words I have a complicated situation where I need to :

1) maintain a .fp7 report template ( a file...) into a container field DONE!

2) export it on user request into his Documents folder. DONE!

3) open this file runing a script on opening


Step #3 is the problem!


When i was young I was able to accomplish this task with AppleScript or with an Apple Event but now I am no more able to write down a three lines working AS script or anything else can solve my problem. (tell app "FileM..." open "Drive:filename.fp7" does not work)

The best I was able to get with AS was a -1713 error (No user interaction allowed) and nothig better with any other attempts: FMP7 protocols, strange paths as Data Source description, ... nothing!


So does anybody out there knows how a hosted solution can dynamically open a local file without install anything on the client?


Thank You so much in advance!