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    Filemaker go 12 : email with PDF , how?


      Hi everyone,


      This is what i used for Filemaker go 11 in order to send email with the attached pdf:


      set variable [$TempPath; value: Get(temporarypath) & "pdf.pdf")]

      save records as pdf[...; "$TempPath"; current record]

      send mail [send via e-mail client; to:...; ...; "$TempPath"]


      It works!


      but in go 12, it generate the pdf and shows on the "Files on Device / PDF" ?? I can not attached the file from temp location any more??


      Any ideas , anyone?


      Thanks ahead!!!

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          Not too sure if this helps you...


          I have audit form that once completed on the Ipad they press a button with generates a PDF and attaches it to a Email.


          1- I created the script "Send meeting report by Email" below and then attached this to a BUTTON on my form using "Peform Script"









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            Thank you for your reply ajayz !


            I revisited the question i asked above, and looked at the Filemaker Go 12 develope guide pdf, i find out one thing, there's a mistake i worte above.

            What exactly i had in my program is this:


            set variable [$TempPath; value: Get(temporarypath) & "/" & "pdf.pdf")], >>>> the differece is that "/" (forward slash) !!!


            like i said, it works for Go 11 ( with the forward slash ) , but somehow not work for Go 12 !!!!


            after i took the "/" out : set variable [$TempPath; value: Get(temporarypath) & "pdf.pdf")]


            now it works in Go 12 !!!!


            Hopefully i understand this correctly ?