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    Printing of graphic


      I am running Filemaker 12 on Windows and have invoices and jobsheets with the company logo (which is stored in a Parameters table in a container field.)

      When I try to print these documents even thought the graphic is only 35kb the spooler document is 3MB and therefore takes forever to print.

      If I remove the logo the document alone is only 67k and prints instantly as it used to in FM11.

      I have tried having it as pasted graphic instead of container file and that does not make any difference.


      Can anyone tell me how 67k + 35k equals 3MB instead of 102k when it comes to printing?



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          It has to do with the rasterization process for the printer.  A small file due to compression or vector design on the computer can be very large for printing since the print rasterization may have to bit map every dot.  This can happen if you have a postscript type image and print on a non-post script printer such as a PCL type printer from HP.  What type of printer do you have and what is its rasterization?  What is the graphic format? 


          If you have a postscript type graphic (includes PDFs), they will print faster from a postscript printer.  PCL printers dump more of the print process onto the comptuer CPU whereas postscript printers do more of the print processing themselves.  And that is why postscript printers cost more.  But since computer CPUs are pretty fast now, PCL does pretty good on all but the most complex of print jobs. 


          Getting a good postscript ethernet printer with fast CPU makes a difference.  People often don't want to spend the extra on it, and the result are varying print speed issues like you described.  There are also some interseting gradient issues that just print better on postscript particularly if you have jobs that are from high end Adobe products like Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, Illustrator, etc. 


          Higher end HP printers support both PCL and postscript, albeit a postscript emulation and not true postscript. 

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            That's a very comprehensive answer. I will look at it in detail shortly



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              Ps is this new to FileMaker 12 as it was fine on 11 and previous


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                FYI, if you're just printing bit map graphics such as JPGs and TIFFs and BMPs, then PCL can often be faster for those since some printers have slow postscript rasterizers.

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                  Keep in mind how layouts are done in 12 is completely different than 11.  Instead of some proprietary layout standard that little was known, the 12 layouts are all based on CSS, which is an open standard.  I have been told by some who have looked at it that CSS can make the size of the file describing the layout much bigger than before.  Either way, how graphics are treated has to do with rasterization.  But the size of the data describing the layout will be completely different in 12 than 11. 

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                    One more thing... the converted layout sizes tend to be much larger.  But if you start out with a fresh Layout 12, the file size can be much more efficient.  In other words, reworking your layouts using 12's new layout themes will give you faster performance than ones converted from 11. 

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                      I have Fireworks as my graphic editor – Can anyone advise me in detail how to make the smallest rasterized image – Have tried Tiff giff and jpeg and still creating a huge printable file in Filemaker even though the image is tiny

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                        Have you tried recreating the layout and using one of the new themes?  I think they will be more optimized for 12 than a FM11 converted layout.


                        FYI, do you really care about the size of the printed file or is your primary concern printer speed?  What kind of printer, interface and memory do you have?

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                          It also has to do with the resolution of the file too (in DPI) and maching that to the printer settings.

                          FM uses the printer drivers on the machine so in some cases can be forced to use the downsampling parts of the driver.


                          Have you tried to save as PDF to see just how big that gets??



                          You coming to Technet on the 12th?

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                            Yes am coming to Technet meeting. Am going to try pcl5 driver but the problem exists in newly created layout in fm12. It is definitely to do with the image as same layout without image is instant and it does matter how big printing file is as it is causing a delay to users as would appear they cannot move on until file is spooled. There is definite lag nothing else can be clicked aa it were. The current image causing the issue is a png but have also tried as jpg and tiff all give same problem. One way I may get round it is to issue the font with the file and just type the word in but the idea was they could select black or red depending on printer. Guess could have conditional formatting based on field selected. It is Clarity logo and uses an unusual font not on most computers hence use of logo in first place.

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                              Vector graphics tend to print faster than bit mapped ones such as JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, etc.  If I were trying to optimize it for a lot of prints, I would make it in a vector program like Illustrator and export it as eps or pdf to be imported into a FileMaker layout. 


                              One thing long time FileMaker developers have known is that FileMaker has always been a little flaking on printing such as never knowing what your margins are until you select a printer and things like that.  While it has been livable, I have never consider printing a strong suit of FileMaker.