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Sorting confusion: Using status bar vs. Sort script step

Question asked by on Jun 1, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2012 by karendweaver

I am having issues when I try to implement the Sort Records step in my script. The following script is a script trigger for a field OnObjectEnter. Here is what my script looks like:

  • Go To Object [Object Name: ignore okina]
  • Enter Find Mode []
  • Sort Records [<Field1> title_okinamodify; <Field2> author_filter]
  • Go To Record [First]

The result of this sort returns all titles out of order. There doesn;t seem to be a pattern either.

I do not have the title_okinamodify or author_filter fields visible on this layout...but does that matter?


For some reason when I use this sort in a script it will not sort properly, but when I use the Sort button in the status bar it sorts correctly (using the same fields!!).

Maybe the Sort Records step doesn't work after the Enter Find Mode step ?? (I didn't think this was true tho)

I also thought maybe another script was overriding the Sort in this script, but the layout script trigger does not have a Sort step in the script. I have 1 other field which has a script trigger but a Sort step is not in I forgetting to look somewhere?


Does anyone have suggestions on what's wrong or how I can fix my sorts?