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How to filter drop down lists?

Question asked by ejk on Jun 1, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2012 by ejk


I'm new to FM pro and wasn't able to find an answer on my problem. Perhaps due to a lack of knowledg of terminology

I'm developpintg a solution which should be easely localized. For this reason I want to use one table containing all my choice lists.

tblChoiceList (ListName; ValueNumber;ValueText)

lstYesNo; 1; Ja

lstYesNo; 2; Nee

lstAccountType: 1; Balance

lstAccountType; 2; Profit & Loss

lstGender; 1; Male

lstGender; 2; Female



In case of localization only the field ValueText needs to be translated and no ammendations to the program logic is nessesary because internally the ValueNumber is used.

Choice lists are used in nearly each layout. I wish to use this table for every drop down list.


How can I filter the table for each specific situation so I can populate the drop down list with the right values?


Any help welcome.