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Script a Daily report (pdf) Server to eMail

Question asked by supportme on May 31, 2012

A little struck here...

I have created a layout in FMPro 12 that I want to send to the Directors as a Daily Report. The report is to eMailed at 5.00am so they see at a glance what is to be done for the day

The report is made up of info from multiple tables ie Jobs to be done, Birthdays etc

The script runs fine from the desktop although this is a manual task and want it automated. Server script steps of Save as PDF or Printing are unsupported. So the script runs although from the server it fails on the Save as PDF part


The script

inserts the current day - ok

go to layout XYZ - ok


the server scripts have no options to Print, Save as PDF (greyed out)

eMail the PDF - ok (works from the client)


So how do I set a script to send this layout Or a document via eMail at an unattended time via the server?


I tried the Snapshot link, the file won't open correctly as all the table links are not saved


Any ideas on how to get this report sent in an easy to read format?


Thanks Tim


FMP 12

Fmp Adv 12

FMP server 12