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Reinstalling FileMaker Server 8

Question asked by RossHurley on May 31, 2012

I was called in by a client i hadn't heard from for a long time, to fix a file not working properly after FMS crashed. Their IT support company got FMS going again, restoring their last backup, but the client found that scripts weren't working properly, hence the call to me. After investigation I've concluded that reinstallation of FMS8 is necessary. I've re-read the documentation and done a KB search but can't confirm that a reinstallation will retain the original installation's settings. There is a Backup Settings.exe on the FMS8 installer CD. Can anyone tell me whether this will take the settings from FMS8 (it is designed to read FMS7 settings)? And, if it will, I assume the Restore Settings.exe will restore the FMS8 settings OK.


My assumption that FMS needs replacing is because Find operations on one field fail only when the file is being run from their (Windows) FMS. If i run it on my local Mac it works perfectly. The field is an unstored calculated text field with references to related fields. All data reads correctly on screen - it's just Finds that fail. I thought I had their problem fixed when I checked the oldest backup I could find on my local machine and found it working perfectly. Assuming it was a corrupt file and I had gone far enough back in the backups to get a good copy. I imported all the client's current data into a clone and replaced the file on their FMS, only to find it still failing. Copying that file back from FMS onto my local machine still finds it working perfectly, so it's not corrupting the file itself. Given that FMS crashed and that the file only fails when on FMS, I concluded that replacing FMS is needed. I really don't want to have to reconfigure their FMS from scratch again.




Ross Hurley

Adelaide, Australia