I am needing some serious help. My company is depending on it.

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Hello all,


I am a DBA of 10 months. I am under the mentorship of another DBA who used to work for the company that I now work for. We have a Sales Import process that is run using FileMaker Pro Advanced 11.2. Another DBA from years ago wrote this Sales Import process. Basically, the FMP Sales Import process pulls in sales data for a particular date, does transformations, and then produces 2 files, a cash and an invoice file in Quickbooks format. Due to a major software upgrade, I am having to recreate the Sales Import process using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. I am about 95% done with reverse engineering the Sales Import process. I am basically grabbing the date for a particular day, and calculating the values so they can balance out. I had to look at the FileMaker code in order to reverse engineer this process. The problem that I am having is assiging certain amounts with certain phones. There are amounts that go along with phones. FileMaker assigns these values, but FileMaker does not show how these values are assigned. FileMaker creates a table or a view, assigns and calculates these values on the fly. After this, the table or view dissapears, which means I do not know how the values are assigned. I am basically trying to mimic what FileMaker is doing only in SQL Server 2008 R2. I have tried various things to try to mimic this process in SQL Server but to no avail. I have to get the same results of the FileMaker cash and invoice files in SQL but I cannot because I cannot find the logic to do so since this calculation table disappears.


My company is in a dire situation. We are running out of time and jobs are depening on my restructuring this process. I need to know (immediately or as quickly as possible) if 1. There is a program that will allow me to view the entire FileMaker Sales Import process (including all the details) or 2. Finding a FileMaker expert who can actually run our Sales Import process and pinpoint exactly what is happening. I am open to any suggestions about this situation. I have taken a look at this also: but I just need a starting point on where to look.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.