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Random Crashes with FileMaker Go 12.0.2 running on IOS 5.0.1

Question asked by daveklingler on Jun 1, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2012 by daveklingler

Hello, everyone. I've been attempting to get a small FM db running under FMG 12.0.2/IOS 5.0.1/iPad 2, talking to FM 12.0v1 on an iMac. It hasn't been a pleasant experience so far.


Basically we have a small warehouse inventory app that doesn't do anything but take inventory. We used the FM inventory starter solution, dropped many of the fields and kept only the Inventory and Product Details layouts. Our goal was to have something that would allow us to walk through our warehouse, snapping pictures of items and giving them names and item numbers. Very simple.


But FMGo seems to fold up quite often in the midst of entering data. Sometimes it's just as we enter the layout, but sometimes it's just as I hit tab to go to the next field. Then I get to log in again and start over.


That would be bad enough, but a couple of times now after I've logged back in, I've ended up frozen in the Product Details layout with the information I'd already entered still present in a new record. I can't tab to another field, I can't exit the screen with Save Record or New Record, and the record on the screen isn't yet present in the server database. Delete Record doesn't work, so I have to wait for the thing to time out. At that point the record I just entered is all gone, so I get to type it all in again.


The desktop FM seems to be running okay. This iPad is an out-of-the-box wi-fi device, with nothing customized and nothing added other than FMGo and mail settings. It seems to have decent Wi-Fi connectivity everywhere in our warehouse. The database is served from FMP 12.0v1 running on a remote iMac, interfaced through the latest Actual Technologies ODBC adapter to a MySQL database.


Anybody have any answers or similar experiences?


Many thanks!



PS - We've worked through a few ODBC issues that could have been instantly sorted out if FM had done us the favor of displaying error messages or logging problems. As a long-time UNIX/MAC/PostgreSQL programmer, I was stunned to find that FM wasn't bothering to tell me when it had problems with the external database. It would just blithely lose sync and I'd eventually end up with a corrupt database. Please, FM folks, fix that. In this day and age, well, that should be embarassing. No logs or error messages?