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IWP, data URL, and browser wars

Question asked by Mike_Mitchell Expert on Jun 2, 2012
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I have a simple HTML page (basically, a table) that I'm attempting to display in a web viewer. The solution in question is to be run over both the FileMaker client and over IWP. The script populates the web viewer with the HTML code via data URL, then displays the layout with the web viewer on it. Piece of cake.


Problem is, it works flawlessly on the FileMaker client, on Safari, and on Google Chrome. But on Internet Explorer and Firefox, I get the layout with a blank web viewer. (Huh?)


I noticed that the web viewer is rendered as an iframe inside the IWP page, so I thought, "Okay, maybe it doesn't like the document headers." Tried it both with and without. Tried it with a header stylesheet and with inline styles. Same result.


Any ideas from smart people out there?