Iwp and cwp in fmps12advanced - error when open file in iwp

Discussion created by NicolayFlaaten on Jun 1, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2012 by Stephen Huston

I assumed that I had a port conflict since I could only use cwp or iwp simultaniously, until I was reading this:

FileMaker Server 12 Advanced:

Databases hosted via FileMaker Server 12 Advanced cannot be accessed via Instant Web Publishing (IWP) and CustomWeb Publishing (CWP) simultaneously. Receiving Error 802 Unable to open file.

The license keys for FileMaker Server 12 Advanced were not generated properly.


We have resolved the issue and as of 11-May-2012, license keys are correct. Software received after that date have the correct license keys. If you are still experiencing this error, contact Customer Support.


Is there a fast way to solve this? I need to use both tomorrow since we are testing out some iwp stuff..

Hope anyone can help.