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    Lookup value vs. TO


      I am creating a new table (called Checkout) which will have several fields such as patronID and bookID (these fields are already located in other tables). What is the difference from making these fields "Lookup value" vs. creating a relationship between these fields in Checkout and the original tables?

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          In a general sense, you need a TO or more precise, a relationship before you can lookup a value.


          In your particular case, you're constructing a join table where each new record constitutes a new fact - i.e. someone lends a book.

          To do this, you join a book and a patron by setting their respective primary keys into foreign key fields in Checkout.


          In short: you can't use a lookup to populate these fields because there is no connection to Patrons or Books before you set these fields.


          Use a script to capture the relevant bookID and patronID into variables, go to a Checkout layout, create a new record and set the two foreign keys.

          Now you could fill other fields in Checkout by looking into the two other tables.