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      The stencil function in FMP12 is a great idea when you are laying out for iOS devices. I have tested the starter solutions on Server and they seem to work fine.


      However, the rulers in layout mode indicate the following:


      iPad width = 1024 points / 14.2 inches / 36.125 cm


      There is no option for pixels...


      Has anyone else come across this? What part is right, and which ones are wrong?

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          This is correct. Point is a SIZE and pixel is not a size (the resolution of the device may mean that it has more or less pixels per point/inch/cm).


              72 pt = 1 inch


          just use pt instead of px.


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          Beverly Voth


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            Yes. Makes sense if you've always owned a Mac and know anything about typography that existed long before that.



            Lyndsay Howarth


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              OK, so the scales are correct. But now that means the sample layouts are sized for an iPad width of 14.2 inches...Are FM saying that this gets shrunk during runtime on the iPad? Why didnt they simply put the actual real world size of the device on the stencils? I'm wiah I wasnt hung up about this! I get the difference between pixels and points, but not why a layout should be so much larger than it need be in order to fit a device...

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                FileMaker Help "Layout mode changes and improvements":


                "FileMaker Pro now manages layouts using points instead of pixels. On most computer screens, 1 point equals 1 pixel. On some high-resolution displays (such as the Retina display on iPhone), FileMaker Pro manages the display conversion to ensure proper screen rendering. By default, layout objects can be moved in 1 point increments. You can use the Inspector to place objects at intermediate values for precise sizing and placement of printed output."


                Lyndsay, is correct that this is typography.


                this is from Wikipedia:

                "The desktop publishing point (DTP point) is defined as 1/72 of the Anglo-Saxon compromise inch of 1959 (25.4 mm) which makes it 0.0138 inch or 0.3527 mm. Twelve points make up a pica, and six picas make an inch."


                Here's a link to DPI (dots per inch):


                & PPI (pixels per inch):



                I guess to be consistent is why we are now using pt not px in FileMaker 12.


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                  I think this is a usability issue. When you build something too small for the iPad it won't fill the screen. When you build it larger... it scales down and fills the screen. The hi-res screen of the device allows for a lot more detail in a tiny space so by building big and squishing you maintain a higher quality of image. (Yes Jam those pixels into every inch!)


                  If you take a desktop solution and pop it on the iPad.... mostly all the buttons will be too small and fiddly to use.

                  Building big encourages us to build features suitable for fat thumbs and old blind people (like me).

                  Takes some getting used to but it is a lot more satisfying when you get your file on the device.



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                    David Head was kind enough to follow this through:




                    Here is the response I have had:

                    Points are a resolution independent measurement and do not map directly to the same number of pixels on all devices. On a standard resolution screen (iPad 2, iPhone 3) we map 1 point = 1 pixel. On a retina display, 1 point = 4 pixels (2x2). This ensures that a single layout design can work automatically regardless of screen choice. On the retina displays, we automatically render the text and images at higher resolution to ensure a crisp appearance.

                    This now makes sense:

                    The stencil uses 768 x 929 (portrait) or 1024 x 673 (landscape).

                    The iPad retina display has 2048-by-1536-pixel resolution at 264 pixels per inch (ppi).


                              2048/2 = 1024 (width of landscape stencil)

                              1536/2 = 768 (width of portrait stencil)

                    Other dimensions account for status area, etc.

                    Still a bit to work out but the stencils do work well and FileMaker Go does the rendering job for you.


                    See the text in italics (mine). Essentially, you have to just "Go with it" and allow Filemaker to do its thing...even when the physical dimensions appear incorrect for devices with Retina displays.


                    The stencils are therefore fine to use.


                    Thanks everyone for helping out.