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    Relationship Help


      I could use a little help with the first go at a Purchase Order.

      I’m trying to get a handle on relationships.


      I have four Tables:


      Purchase Order

      Line Items




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          I tend to add a suppliers Catalog, as a product may be sold by more than one vendor/supplier. And the cost of product is here, too, as they may have different costs to you.


          PURCHASE ORDER =>

          PO ITEMS (qty, price, etc.)


          The items are lookup from the CATALOG, bringing over the necessary fields. These are lookup rather than just related, as POs should be historical at that point in time - with adjustment items made at time of check in (cost changes, back orders, etc,)


          CATALOG is a join table of PRODUCT & SUPPLIER with the fields necessary for PO item lookup.




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            Have a look at the demo posted here: