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    Popup Menu Values in Portals for FM 12


      I have converted a few files from FM11 to FM12. However, I have come across a bit of an issue.


      I have used Popup Menus in portals to display values. The field itself is an ID. The Value List references 2 fields - the first being the ID (which is hidden), and the second is a text field (in some places it is statis text, in others, it is an indexed auto-enter calc).


      In FM11, there are no issues.


      However, when converted to FM12, the fields appear blank in the portal. If I click on the popup menu, you will see that the correct value is selected, and the full value list can be displayed. But the selected value will not be displayed in that field when a selection is made.


      This only happens in portals. The same value lists and fields function perfectly when they are local.


      Has anyone seen this behavior yet? Is there a new behavior in FM12 that I haven't caught yet?


      Thanks in advance.


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          Stephen Huston

          Hi John,


          I haven't seen this -- we have no portals with popup menus set to show only value 2.


          Can you provide a file  attachment with just some records for testing?

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            I have to make the files I'm using anonymous, for safety purposes.  I tried to create a file from scratch, but it turns out that the value lists work just fine when created new.  The 2 files in question are both conversions.


            If I can finish setting up a file as an example, I'll try to post it up so you can check it out.  Thanks for the response.  I wish I could more readily provide examples.

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              Further info...


              The Value Lists were combinations of ID's (number fields) and some Text value (Text fields).  I was trying to display only the Text value, and not the numerical ID.  I found a few values that had dates in the text, and when selected, FM converted the dates to numbers (i.e., "10/2009" became 102009).  This made me realize that this was a combo of a number and a text field, and the value list would not show Text values. 


              I changed the Foreign Key ID (which is the field being used in the drop-down) to a Text field, as opposed to a Number field.  Once that was done, everything worked perfectly.


              I have a couple of issues with this:

              1) This behavior was only happening in portals.  There was no issue with local table ID's using the same value lists.  So there was no need to change the Field Type of the ID's in the local table.

              2) The ID's should stay as Numbers.  Changing them to text is a faulty workaround.


              I don't know if anyone will run across this as you convert previous version to 12, but hopefully this will give you some insight into the issue if you happen to see it also.

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                Stephen Huston

                Thank you for posting your results! All too often people don't bother to report what happens when the problem is solved, which if important to those of us who use this site extensively.


                The fact that the field format and contained data were a mismatch is clearly a big issue, but the fact that the field still worked with improper data except in the portal is worth reporting to FileMaker as unexpected behavior.


                Again, thanks for the update.

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                  A little more info for you...this was only on converted files.  I created a small demo file to test this functionality, and when I created value list with Number/Text Combos for popup menus, they worked fine, both locally and in portals.  It was only on pre-existing files converted to 12, and only in portals.


                  I'm still looking for a little more info, because I don't just want it fixed, I want to know the root cause.  But I thought I'd pass that on, in case the extra info could be used.



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                    Stephen Huston

                    I sent a link to this discussion thread to Dave Simerly in the hopes he can notify FM engineers of this in their copious free time. 

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                      Yeah, I'm getting something similar: UK and US date formats seem to cause confusion in drop down lists. I have, say 12 dates (records) in a portal. The date field is using current (UK) system settings, as is the file etc. The date fields are showing fine until you click on the drop down. Then, as soon as it comes to a day greater than the 12th, you get the dreaded "?" and no further data. So, only days less than the 13th show. This is because, of course, the 13th, 14th month etc., does not exist. When you show the index with "apple i" or "control i" on a PC, it shows that the index is formatted for US dates. So, in other words, dates are indexed in US format, regardelss, and so, if you are using UK format on your file/system, you get this conflict. Rebuilding the index does not make any difference. I am going to test some more, based upon your findings above, but this is what I have so far. By the way, right justified text in the box also chops off, despite leaving space on the left, so I also have to reduce font size in the field.