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Popup Menu Values in Portals for FM 12

Question asked by peppwave on Jun 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2012 by crusecontrol

I have converted a few files from FM11 to FM12. However, I have come across a bit of an issue.


I have used Popup Menus in portals to display values. The field itself is an ID. The Value List references 2 fields - the first being the ID (which is hidden), and the second is a text field (in some places it is statis text, in others, it is an indexed auto-enter calc).


In FM11, there are no issues.


However, when converted to FM12, the fields appear blank in the portal. If I click on the popup menu, you will see that the correct value is selected, and the full value list can be displayed. But the selected value will not be displayed in that field when a selection is made.


This only happens in portals. The same value lists and fields function perfectly when they are local.


Has anyone seen this behavior yet? Is there a new behavior in FM12 that I haven't caught yet?


Thanks in advance.