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    Print layout in IWP


      Good day all,

      I have a time tracking solution that a client is accessing through FM Go and IWP. There are reports generated in list view that need to be printed for his payroll service. Right now, if there are more records in the report than fit on a letter-size page, the extra records don't print at all, unless he scrolls through to bring them to the top. Any suggestions besides selling him FMP?




      Jeff Penner

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          Jeff -


          That's a limitation of IWP. Couple of ways around it:


          1) Generate the report as an HTML document instead and display it in a web viewer. You can customize the code to make it small enough to fit. (Although there are some browser quirks with IWP that you might have to work around - Google Chrome and Safari seem to be pretty forgiving; Firefox needs some TLC, and Explorer ... well, let's just say Explorer and I aren't on speaking terms at the moment.)


          2) Print to PDF from Go.


          3) Sell him FileMaker Pro.   





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            Thanks Mike, I'll have to write the info to HTML.  Still not sure how to do multiple pages that way.  Do you have to use multiple web viewers?  I don't think the client realizes how much this "saving $300 by not buying FMP" is going to cost him!

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              Real printing from IWP - and other web page based display models - are rather messy, to put it mildly.


              My suggestion is to have a robot behind the solution. Let the robot create and save til PDF and then let i be available via a link on the IWP webpage after 1-2 minutes or let the robot email the pdf to the recipient.

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                Jeff -


                You could do it with multiple web viewers. One tactic would be, if you know where the page breaks are going to be in advance, to create a scratch table and put each page into a record of its own. Point the web viewer to a field (call it "HTML" or something) and just echo it out that way. Then, when ready to print, just print the found set.


                But Carsten is right. Printing from a web-browser-based solution is often messy. His suggestion is a very good one for that reason. The PDF tends to solve a lot of issues in many cases.




                (P.S. Yes, clients often do not grasp the cost of saving $300 on a FileMaker license.)    

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                  Hi Mike, thanks,


                  And while creating good dtp quality pdf's with other systems than FileMaker is often difficult, FileMakers build in report engine makes it very easy to give the end user a very impressive exprerience.


                  And adding, lets say 60 seconds of waiting time, and then delivering the real result in high quality only shows that you are a professional.

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                    Thanks Carsten and Mike, I'll work with this and see how it goes.  Looking forward to my first DevCon in Miami and hoping to learn a lot from guys like you all!