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Summarizing a summary field?

Question asked by kallehval on Jun 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2012 by kallehval

Hi Filemakers

I have run into a simple problem (at least I think). Been working with Filemaker for 5-6 years, but apparently my brain had some kind of meltdown.


I am making a simple invoice system.


Easch invoice have lines which is summarized in a total (a summary field). This works like a charm.

But then I have a list view of all invoices, and here I need a total in the bottom af all invoices searched. Here is the problem as I can't seem to summarize the records in a new summary field.

Is it not possible to summarize summary fields? How do I get around this? There ought to be a simple solution which I am not seeing. Do I need to calculate each invoice without using summary fields or?


Thanks in advance...