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    Filemaker Pro Advanced Libraries and ASLR


      Please clarify why the following DLLs do not enable ASLR?

      zlib.dll, libcurl.dll, libsassl.dll, LIBEAY32.dll, libetpan.dll, SSLEAY32.dll, Xalan-C_1_11.dll, XalanMessenger_1_11.dll and the OmniORB Dynamic/Core/Thread libraries


      Thanks ahead of time for any your help.


      Product: Filemaker Pro Advanced v.11.04

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          ASLR = Address space layout randomization


          This is a forum for developers helping other develpers.  While FMI monitors these I doubt that you'll get a direct answer to this question and your other one.  Could you provide some context as to why you have these questions?

          You may be better off talking directly to your Business Area Manager and SE than waiting for an answer here...





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            Thanks for the response. I am responsible for performing application security analysis, both static and dynamic (i.e. white-box and black-box testing), at my company and have several questions regarding a 32 bit FM runtime application built under FM Pro Advanced 11.04 and the associated libraries. My goal to is to identify and remediate any vulnerabilities or security issues before they can be exploited.