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Commit and Revert

Question asked by disabled_xaviervb on Jun 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2012 by BruceHerbach

Dear group,


I'm building a billing solution in FM12


When a user modifies the value of a field in a portal (let's say : "FieldX") , stays in FieldX and clicks directly on my validation button the calculated fields based on FieldX are not updated. My script starts to run and the old values are kept for validation.

Normaly I would solve this problem with a commit script step but as I want to be able to revert the record and the portal I don't want to use that script step.

I tried "refresh window" and "go to field" but none of those script steps seem to update the calculated fields.

I would like a script step that would act as if the user had clicked on the background before he clicked on the button.