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    Can't enable web server on Mac OSX 10.6.8


      Hi all,


      I have been trying all afternoon to get this to work so I thought I would put this question out there and hope for the best.


      I have tried installing FileMaker Server 12 Advanced but I can't get the Web server and PHP to work. This is the error I get.


      Test web server ( Connection refused


      I have just bought the developer subscription for $99 and downloaded FMSA 12. I have tried this on my iMac and MacBook Pro and I get the same error both times. Both computers are running Mac OSX with the latest software and java updates.


      Things that I have checked so far:

      1. Running the latest software updates.

      2. Apache web server (Web sharing on mac) is running and working.

      3. I uninstalled FileMaker Server 11 advanced using the uninstaller before I installed FileMaker server 12 Advanced.

      4. I installed FileMakers PHP software rather than selecting to use my existing installation.


      I can't think of what else to do.


      I had this working on my installation of FileMaker Server 11 Advanced on both computers prior to installing FMSA12.


      Has anyone managed to get web publising to work and in particular on Mac OSX 10.6.8?


      Thanks in advance for your help.



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          Hi Craig,


          I had the exact same issue this week  when I upgraded my FMSA 10 server to FMSA 12.  The old configuration functioned fine and FMSA 12 could not connect.

          When I clicked on one of the links in the control panel, It would not show the standard webpage but gave the error 'could not connect'


          I ended up clean installing OSX 10.6.3 and upgraded to 10.6.8 and after that installation went smoothly.


          I still do not know what the cause was, but I solved it.


          BTW. OSX 10.6 does come on a upgrade dvd, when I first reinstalled 10.6.3 over the old installation the same error occurred, I then booted from the install dvd went to the diskutillity and erased the harddisk and then ran the installation.  After that I did not used the old backup from TimeMachine, but manually entered my settings, so a very clean install.  after the upgrade to 10.6.8 installation of FPSA 12 went smooth.


          Be sure to make a good backup!


          Hope this helps,


          Best regards,


          Ruben van den Boogaard

          Infomatics Software


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            Hi Ruben,


            Thanks for your response. I understand why you re-installed the OS. I have done this in the past  when I could not get the Apache web server to talk to FileMaker server. I was really hoping that I would not have to do that again.


            Jason Ball at FileMaker found the solution to the issue. When you do a clean install of the MacOS you get a fresh install of the Apache web server. When you install FileMaker server and enable web publishing with PHP FileMaker makes modifications to the httpd.conf fille in your apache folder.


            When I upgraded to FileMaker Server Advanced 12 the web server and PHP would not enable. To restore the apache settings back to their original settings you can re-install the OS or you can do the following.


            Go to the apache2 folder on MacOSX. MacHD/private/etc/apache2. Within this folder you have the httpd.conf file. Note these files are hidden. To view hidden files go to the terminal and enter ...

            defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE.

            Then re-launch the finder.


            Note: When finished just type in...

            defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles FALSE


            This is the file you want to restore to its original state. I suggest first run the server deployment without enabling the web server and stop FileMaker server and  services. Then stop the apache web server. To do this go to the sharing section of sys prefs and turn of web sharing. Now rename the httpd.conf file to httpd old.conf. Then within the apache2 folder is another folder called original. Within this folder there is another file called httpd.conf. Copy this file to the apache2 folder. Restart the web server by clicking 'Web Sharing' in the sharing section of system prefs.


            Now deploy FileMaker server and enable PHP and web publishing. Hopefully it now works.


            I hope this saves someone else alot of time.




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              Hi All,


              I recently experienced this same issue and the above solution did not resolve the problem this time. However, this time I managed to enable PHP and the web server by disconnecting from my network then tried to enable web publishing and it worked.


              I was able to recreate this issue several times. Its best to set up the web server in a localhost environment while disconnected from your network.