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    Printing over multiple printer of same type




      I provide software for restaurants, bars and hotels, all in FMP 11.

      In some restaurants, it's current to have two or more rooms to built the menu, exemple bar for beverage, kitchen for cooking, place for oysters.

      Actually a restaurant has two printers of same type (Epson TSP 100 Thermal and cutting), one for bar and cashier and one for the kitchen, software is running over FM Runtime on a Mac (10.5.8).

      I use AppleScript orders to swich printers for printing from one to the other.

      Sometimes it's working correctly, some times only one printer is working and not the same from one day to the other.

      Is there some better way to do the same and always with the same results ?


      Thanck your for experience and help.



      Paris Fr

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          Bonjour Bertrand,


          Switching printers using Applescript uses the printer name to switch it, something like:


          tell application "Printer Setup Utility"

              set the current printer to printer "Lexmark 1"

          end tell


          Could you use 2 different names for the printers to make the switching work better?


          There are also several printer switch plugins, maybe they give you a better result.


          Hope that helps,


          Best regards,


          Ruben van den Boogaard

          Infomatics Software


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            Hello Ruben, thank you for your advice


            I use some thing like that to change the default printer and I've given two different names for each printer, one is "Caisse" for the upper one, the other is "Cuisine" for the one in the underground kitchen.


            It seems as if Mac OS X switch the printers, some times when opening Mac, this one creates new printer named "Star TSP143 (STR_T-001....) and "Caisse" or "Cuisine" are inactive.


            Not very easy to manage and I think that the problem is a Mac OS X one.


            Best regards



            Ma Pomme-Tao