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    news bar


      Hi universe traffic,

      Did anybody out there perhaps deveope a solution already with a 'news bar' at the top of the app? The idea is a news bar at the top of the app scrolling from right-to-left or from left-to-right displayimg information/stats/indicators picked up from a table. This can be displayed while the solution is being used or perhaps more preferrably whilst not being used - ???? Anu ideas.





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          I have not done this news bar myself, but you could use a webviewer to pull data from your table and display the information. In the web address calculation add something like this:



          <body style='border: 0; margin: 0'>

          <marquee direction=right behavior=scroll scrollamount=10 scrolldelay=200>" &

          News_Table::News_Field &




          If the data to display is not related to the current record you will need to either store it in a global field or use the new ExecuteSQL function.

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            Thanks for your reply. will give it a try