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    Wireless connection to database server?


      Sorry, not sure if this is the right place for this but I'm not getting much help from my IT people at work so hopefully someone here can help.


      This is from my desktop iMac (just bought an iPad but I want it working from my desktop machine first)


      Via ethernet connection > open FMPro11, open remote file, can 'see' IP address of physical server hosting FMServer, open file

      Via work wireless > open FMPro11, open remote file, CAN'T 'see' IP address of physical server hosting FMServer

      Via work wireless plus VPN > open FMPro11, open remote file, still CAN'T 'see' IP address of physical server hosting FMServer


      Security issue I guess but can anyone suggest anything?

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          Stephen Huston

          Your IT people need to set the router/firewall to allow external connections to the FM Server from outside the local network.


          You should also check that the FM Server admin settings  have not been set to restrict incoming connection to specific networks.


          All FM GO and wireless connections are WAN, so the network has to allow connections from exernal network IDs.

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            Stephen has a good suggestion, but I pefer seting up all IP's in the same subnet in the router so there isn't this confusion.


            So you could ask your IP people if they'd be willing to breakdown the DHCP/Static Ip's into groups, for example DHCP could be:

   to, and Wireless could be: to, ...etc.






            So you'd have

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              Networking is actually a lot more complicated than people often realize and simple ole ethernet is made up of 7 layers in the OSI model and wireless is really a completely different type network.  Whole books are written on this, so we can't answer this here. But in short, if you are on the same local area network and using ethernet, you will be able to scan for many services that cannot be seen outside of the local network or out to wireless networks.  Additionally, wirless networking was optimized for bandwidth and often does not support all the available scanning in ethernet.  If you want to see outside of the local area network or if you're on a wireless subnet that wants to see the parent local area network, then use public IP's for your server and maybe even give it a domain name to be easier to remember than numbers.  If you need a server available on the internet, you'll need a public IP anyway.  So just get over the hurdle and set up your network so that your server has a public IP.  Also, for the network geeks out there, if you have two ethernets, you can give your server both a local IP and a public IP meaning that local traffic will flow much faster while still supporting the wide are network on the public IP.  I hope this makes a little bit of sense without really getting technical.