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    FMP 5.0 and Windows 7?




      Have a client running FMP5.0 but are thinking of going Windows 7. Possible? Likely not, but my googles are giving varied and conflicting and opposing results. Is this possible - just need to feed the maw of big iron It with an answer.




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          Well, well: I would say "no go".


          If it works when you start, you will not know if something is going to cause problems at a later stage.


          Just install and have a look.


          Question: Is it an important solution - does the client need it. If the answer is yes you should not take the risk and the responsibility of keeping them on a platform that has been dead for 8 years.


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            Not sure about 5. I personally tested 6 on Windows 7 and it seemed to function fine.


            But Carsten is right: Why are we still running version 5? Besides the obvious loss of functionality vs. 12, there are some pretty significant security issues with 5. I'd think "big iron IT" would be really concerned about that.



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              Yes, version 5 can be made to work in Windows 7.  There are a few features that are buggy, but generally it works.  There are also some data integrity issues about it and FileMaker Inc does not support it at all.  How important is your data?  If it has value, please upgrade. 

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                Thanks for the note.  Since I posted this I have been able to run FMP4.0 in Windows 7.  And 4.1 and 5.5.  The client is a large frugal energy company - I am pushing them to upgrade, but it rather like pushing water uphill at times.


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                  Security, better data model, risc of corrupting files in this old version etc. etc. etc. You can and will be able to present a strong business case for upgrading!

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                    The 2 GB file limit, remember that?

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                      Yes, what Vaughan writes about the 2GB limit is also very important. And a threat over time. I am not FileMaker and it is not my job to sell anything to you: But staying with ancient software instead of upgrading is not an option if the solution and the data is important to the organisation.

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                        As Taylor said it will probably work under 7 but there is ZERO support and no guarntees. You just need to tell them, might work might not no real way of knowing what aspects of it may not work. If they want to risk it tell them it's on them. I am just upgrading a client from 6 to 10 next month (they can't go past 10 for technical reasons) so I understand companies holding on too old versions but I would try to put the fear of "You're on your own with no life vest" with running 5 on Win 7 and see if that gets them to move.

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                          Ind I know that we (I) are also repeating the issues a little bit here. But also:

                          Many problems that may occur to your old files may be invisible.

                          The File Format you are trying to use is from the last century and the newest OS's around and those it was build for was: Windows 98, Me, NT 4.0 and the non Unix Mac OS 8.6.


                          At that time we demanded much less of security and we had to live with higher risk of data loss and disasters than anyone would accept today.


                          Another issue is that the features of FileMaker 12 compared to FMP 5 means that every time you are doing just a little bit to enhance or modify your old solution you are wasting tons of development time.


                          So: If the solution is on its way out and dying, stay with FMP 5. If it means anyting to the organisation, move on.


                          And I promise ... I will keep quiet from now, in this thread at least.