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    Setting row that records show on a portal




      I have a table full of job labour records which contain (among other data) a field that holds the sequential number of a personnel's appearance at the job e.g. if a person is the first to appear at a job, then that record's 'day' field =1. If they're the third, it = 3 etc.


      I have a layout where I want to show the weeks labour records thru portals. One portal for each weekday. My problem is that I need to be able to have an empty row if there is not any record for that row number. E.g. If the day field =2 for an employee, but they don't work on Wednesday. I need rows(/days) to show that empty row.


      I need:

      1: Joe Bloggs 2


      3: Mary Jane 6


      I have:

      1: Joe Bloggs 2

      3: Mary Jane 6




      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!