Shadow tables in FileMaker

Discussion created by patpai on Jun 7, 2012
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Good morning again,


Im trying to understand how -up-to-date a shadow table keeps itself.


Here is what i did so we are all on the same page:


I created an External Data source in FMP that uses an Oracle ODBC.


Then, i went into managedatabse elationships and pressed the ADD table button.

then i selected the Oracle ODBC from the data source drop-dwon menu and selected the right view from oracle that i need data from.


So i know have 1 table on my relationship diagram page and 1 layout was created by default for that 1 table with populated rows.


I then moved to the tables TAB and i can also see 1 table showing, with the slight difference that it as a SYNC button.

The sync button when pressed seams to be able to sync to that oracle table and return any new fields that might of been created since last i checked.

(im assuming at this point based on mesaage)


My question is this:


Is my shadow table in a LIVE-SYNC mode with oracle table? Do i need to refrsh that layout (so-to-speak) in order to keep the data in that shadow table updated?


Or is it a LIVE-SYNC and any changes made on that ORACLE table (record wise) will right-away show into that shadow table?


Thank you very much, please dont hesite to ask for more info if you need too